Among our many services, Rug Repairman Mehmet Solak can also offer you suggestions and advice in selecting rugs for your home. Choosing the right color, pattern and texture is a personal decision based on practical design and your own preferences. Or, if you prefer, Mehmet can work with you to design and create your own custom-handmade rug. Your ideas as to pattern, colors, traditional or contemporary designs would be considered as well as the space where your rug will be used and enjoyed. After completion of a design, the order would be sent to Turkey to be crafted according to your specifications. Length of time to complete a custom-made rug would depend upon the size and complexity of the project. Such rugs are lovingly woven by expert Turkish artisans with years of experience in traditional rug and kilim making. The positive aspect of completing your custom-made order in Turkey is not only the skilled craftsmanship which goes into your rug, but the price is usually quite cost effective for the customer.

If you need advice about rugs or kilims for your home or you wish to work with Mehmet on a custom-made order, don’t hesitate to contact him at (206)979-9137 or at